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Example Programs

Here are several examples of business scenarios and the solutions made possible by AllAffiliatePro.

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Example 1

A small internet company wants to take advantage of the traffic and revenue benefits of running an affiliate program for their site. They are on a tight budget, and are looking for "The most bang for their buck". They are not technically experienced in installing website software, and limited on time they can devote to running the program. They also want a low risk solution for affiliate payments.


They choose the AllAffiliatePro hosted solution, requiring no installation of technical software and a managed affiliate program, opting for a low risk PayPerPerformance affiliate solution. They offer their affiliates 20% commission on all sales they refer to the site.

Example 2

A large internet company has an aggressive marketing strategy which includes affiliate marketing. They want to offer the best affiliate options with all the latest features to beat their competition. They are looking for a cost effective solution to maximize their ROI.


They choose the AllAffiliatePro hosted solution so that they have their own professional looking affiliate domain, as well as a program updated with all the latest features. Offering their affiliates the option of selecting affiliate program style to join, offering 3 cents per Raw click, or 10 cents per Unique click, or 15% commission per sale. They reward their hard working affiliates by increasing their individual payout rates.

Example 3

A small internet company is looking to add affiliate marketing to their websites marketing strategy. They have good technical experience with website software and have considered making their own in house solution. After looking into the costs and timescale of creating an affiliate program from scratch they have opted to purchase affiliate software which they can later adapt to any specific needs. All scripts on their site are in the same language and they do not want a mix of different script languages on their site. They have a set budget to spend on affiliate software, do not want any on going costs, and have time to spend managing and maintaining the program.


They choose the AllAffiliatePro software solution. This enables them to make custom modifications to the program code for their needs. They now run a pay per sale affiliate program.

Example 4

A medium sized Internet company offers design services and wants to benefit from the high traffic gains that an affiliate program generates. They want to offer affiliates a set amount per lead and a % of the total cost of the completed project if the lead generates a work project.


They choose the AllAffiliatePro hosted solution setup to pay affiliates $1 per lead and 5% of the completed project. AllAffiliatePro's unrivaled versatility allows them create the exact affiliate program they require.

Example 5

A small web based company wants to run an affiliate program for their site, but are concerned about the number of fraudulent orders they receive. They don't want to pay the affiliate commissions until they have manually confirmed and dispatched each sale. They are also concerned about the hosting problems that can be associated with a popular affiliate program.


They choose the AllAffiliatePro hosted solution, removing any concerns over hosting the affiliate program. They take advantage of AllAffiliatePro's manually confirm sales option, so they confirm each affiliate sales commission before the commission is added to the affiliate account.

Example 6

Your website requires an affiliate program.


AllAffiliatePro has the solution!